Bridge City Sound

tools and services for real musicians

Hi there!

Welcome to Bridge City Sound! We are a complex mixture of frustration, collaboration, and creation. Bridge City Sound was born out of Frustration with the music manufacturing industry. There is a large separation between what they offer and what you get with some companies. After years of working in the industry, we choose to step out of this wave of boring useless broken bullshit to offer something handmade with love and pride. We collaborate between several small, local businesses in the area to create our products. Each piece is assembled by hand into chassis that are machined in-house, by hand. […]

Fuzz is here!

Do you like beards? So do we. Being from the Pacific NW, we need our beards. We also need fuzz. You can’t have a beard without a fuzz pedal. That might sound ridiculous….but… We don’t think so…. The FUZZ was born out of our many, many attempts to understand the nature of this wonderful effect that so many enjoy. We started with 4 gain stages, some weird parts from Russia and an IDEA for a unique tone stack that is actually useful. We arrived at the FUZZ, and we love it. The tone stack gives you the ability to sweep […]