Hi there!

Welcome to Bridge City Sound!

We are a complex mixture of frustration, collaboration, and creation.

Bridge City Sound was born out of Frustration with the music manufacturing industry. There is a large separation between what they offer and what you get with some companies. After years of working in the industry, we choose to step out of this wave of boring useless broken bullshit to offer something handmade with love and pride.

We collaborate between several small, local businesses in the area to create our products. Each piece is assembled by hand into chassis that are machined in-house, by hand. Each headshell is hand-crafted from local lumber. Even the tubes are sourced from a local supplier. We spare no expense to bring you the best sounding amps and pedals that we possibly can.

We want nothing more than to create stable, working tourhorses. That is, gear that can survive the rigours of touring. That means falling out of tour vans and still powering on. That means surviving heat, cold, beer, fans, stage hands…..and still powering on.

To achieve this, we used the power section of some of the most iconic amps in history (Hiwatt, Laney, Sound City) and a completely original preamp design to create an amp that is perfect for anyone who wants a firm foundation to stack effects on. It delivers a full spectrum frequency range that is unmatched in volume and clarity. We can deliver more volume per watt than anything currently available.

We love what we do and it shows through our products. Stop by and say Hi. We would love to meet you.