Bees Bass Distortion




The Pacific Northwest is a bee sanctuary. We have over 20 different bee species that live in Oregon. From Mason bees to Cuckoo bees and everything in between. Bees are fascinating and necessary creatures. They do a variety of jobs that benefit humans in different ways.

I just wanted to take a minute and dedicate a pedal to a creature that we should all appreciate more.

Introducing the BEES bass distortion pedal! This pedal features 4 knobs to alter tonality: Bass, Texture, Volume and Gain. I can tell you from experience that this device is very loud and has a lot of volume on tap so the volume knob will help with that. The gain knob takes you from a mild breakup to full-on distortion insanity. The Texture knob alters how aggressive the sound of the device is. Settings to the left will be “softer” in nature while settings to the right will be more focused and will become more prominent in the mix. The Bass control allows more low end to pass into the input of the device.

We think Bees are great. We hope you do too.

  • 9v with negative center.
  • BJT driven device
  • Input impedance: 1Meg.
  • Current draw is less than 50mA.
  • Length 4.4″ X Width 2.3″ X Height 1.0″
  • 3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
  • Footswitchable LED Indication.
  • Die-cast metal enclosures for durability.
  • Laser engraved, custom artwork.