Cannabis Overdrive




We definitely find the time to enjoy Cannabis here in Oregon. From 1999 through 2005, the ratio of Oregonians using cannabis outpaced the general United States population by 32–45%. In 1998 Oregon approved Cannabis for medical use and in 2015 Oregon legalized Cannabis for adults over the age of 21. It’s been a long road getting here but Oregon celebrates Cannabis like no other state We’ve been to.

In an effort to recognize Oregon’s dedication to Cannabis, We’ve released a device to celebrate!

Introducing the Cannabis Overdrive! This device is kind of what would happen if you mate the front end of the DOD OD250 with the back end of the PROCO RAT. We added some interesting controls to help make it super useful and spent endless hours tuning and refining it to make it sound like something worthy of the name.

First, We’ve added a depth knob to accentuate some of the lower frequencies present. This knob also controls the overall character of the drive and will get more aggressive as you cut the control. We have also included a tone control option in case the device gets too bright. Finally, we’ve included the GAIN control similar to the one from the OD250 and we run that into a buffer stage and VOLUME control similar to the one used on the PROCO RAT.

All this makes for one super aggressive overdrive that can be tamed into minimal breakup or can be made dark to accommodate players who don’t appreciate a ton of high end.

Check out some Cannabis. It’s our pedalboard staple.

  • 9v with negative center.
  • LM741 Driven Device with a J201 output stage
  • Input impedance: 1Meg.
  • Current draw is less than 50mA.
  • Length 4.4″ X Width 2.3″ X Height 1.0″
  • 3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
  • Footswitchable LED Indication.
  • Die-cast metal enclosures for durability.
  • Laser engraved, custom artwork.