Graphic Fuzz




When we first saw the original Graphic Fuzz we thought “We don’t get it”.

Then we heard it.

And what we heard, we couldn’t explain.  It further confused us. We didn’t understand why this would even be considered a product. Then we went back the next day. And the next, and the next. Pretty soon we couldn’t stop playing it. We realized it would work for any instrument, its just WAYYYYY too loud, has too much noise and makes no sense from a control standpoint.

But we can’t stop playing it in spite of its MANY faults. So here it is. As close as we could get to an exact clone of the Earth Sound Graphic Fuzz. 

To be an exact clone it would require a funny switching jack that doesn’t exist and it would only run on batteries. This model will ONLY run on a plug-in power supply and comes with an LED indicator. Also, we’ve managed to reverse the control layout and the input/output layout to match modern pedal design flow.

Otherwise, this pedal functions just like the original down to shutting off completely when you max out the filter control. We’ve even found a chip that sounds exactly like the original THAT WE HAVE.

So this is our tribute to this funky, odd little box and company. We love it and them.

If you don’t feel like paying $3-600 for the original used pedal OR if you don’t want to further damage the one you have….you can have ours for $125

The video we have included here is not ours but it does a fantastic job of explaining what this fuzz does exactly. Enjoy!

  • Click HERE to download manual
  • 9v with negative center.
  • LM741 driven device.
  • Input impedance: 1Meg.
  • Current draw is less than 50mA.
  • Length 4.4″ X Width 2.3″ X Height 1.0″
  • 3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
  • Footswitchable LED Indication.
  • Die-cast metal enclosures for durability.
  • Laser engraved, custom artwork.