Hardanger Bridge

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Rising out of the Eidfjorden branch of Hardangerfjorden in Hordaland county, Norway, the Hardanger bridge anticipates the destruction of unwary travelers preparing to traverse its white spans……..

Designed exclusively for metal, the Hardanger is a collaboration between Bridge City Sound and Bear Amplification to deliver the most uniquely brutal tones and usability possible for an amp of this persuasion.

The Unity channel provides a satisfying crunch that cannot be overlooked. While this amp is not made to be clean, the Unity channel will clean up and take boost or modulation pedals well at any gain setting. 

The Discord channel is an extended foray into metal. It is articulate and well defined. The attack is quick and you can literally hear every note you play at any gain level at any time ever. I can only describe it as a thrash monster with the soul of a chainsaw wielded by none other than Leatherface in the FIRST movie where they used real blood because that’s the best.

Combine all this with a  foot-switchable effects loop and rear mounted depth control, you have a machine that could crack a mountain with volume and tones.

METAL. That’s it. If you like metal you’ll like this amp.

  • Two fully separate GAIN, EQ and MASTER VOLUME controls
  • Completely custom preamp designed to enhance clarity, definition, and gain for high output guitar pickups
  • 50 or 100w tube power sections
  • Featuring a 5x tube preamp using 4x ECC83 and 1x ECC81 
  • We generally use EL34 tube variants
  • Rear adjustable Depth and loop controls
  • Switchable output impedance for guitar (4, 8, 16 ohms)
  • Fully fused power section (values depend on wattage)
  • Anodized Black Aluminum front and back control panels with laser engraved control labels
  • Laser engraved front faceplate with Hardanger ™ graphics
  • Hand-applied black vinyl
  • Hand drilled aluminum chassis with welded corners
  • Stitched black leather handles
  • User adjustable bias controls
  • Fully filtered AC input for zero line noise
  • 10.5” high x 23.5” wide x 12” deep
  • Email for more information!