Hawthorne bridge

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We took our sweet time designing this amp.


The hawthorne is the result of a refining process that has taken almost 3 years of development time from start to finish. We wanted our dirty amp to sound and feel specific while solving some problems that traditional designs create. For example:


  • Have you ever tried to tame gain levels with your guitar volume knob, only to lose a ton of volume in the process?
  • Don’t you hate it when knobs don’t do anything?
  • When you play a chord, can you hear all the notes in the chord?
  • Does the treble knob range result in high end feedback?


Just a few examples. But these are problems that everyone has experienced and need to be solved.


We started with the tone stack to create a range of frequency that is as wide as it is useful. The bass knob range is very wide but produces deep low end that never gets mushy or over saturates the sound. The treble knob range is just as useful without becoming harsh or brittle. The mid controls have been broken down into two knobs. One to control the range of the cut/boost and one to control the frequency at which the cut/boost happens.


3x 12ax7 1x 12au7

Silent effects loop with blend control

3 band EQ with SHIFT control

2 foot-switchable boost options


Power section:

Build to order – 20-200w output

4-8-16 ohm output

Rear mounted Depth and Drive control