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We are super proud of making this amp and we think it sounds phenomenal. We are also SUPER huge fans of this band. So this is kind of incredible for us to even be a part of.

In the spirit of that, we give you the Newcastle. A collaboration between us and Jeff Matz from the Grammy-nominated band High on Fire.

So we got a message from Jeff. He asked if we had ever heard of a company called Burman and what it would sound like to couple one of their preamp designs to one of our super loud power amp designs.

Sounded Interesting so we had him send us the schematic for the preamp and we dug in and did some research. Sure enough, they use some of the same circuit elements that we find desirable. Not only that but they use some of the elements in the most creative ways. We had to try it.

We ended up combining some of the elements from the tone controls and the gain staging and we added our louder-than-god output stage and world-famous dual input stage to handle two different guitars at the same time. Also, this amp is completely hand wired and all parts are mounted to turret strips inside the chassis.

The preamp has 3 gain controls that each sound slightly different when turned up and can be combined in ways to create unique tones and flavors. The eq controls are broken up into two different sections. The Midrange controls (shift and mid) are processed separately from the rest of the eq stack. The shift control allows you to choose the resonant frequency of the midrange and the Mid control turns it up or down.

This amp really shines when pushed with pedals or when you drive it with a hot output pickup. Comes equipped standard with 4 eq controls, 3 gain controls and our standard effects loop for one massive volume bomb of a sorta clean amp. Jeff loves his. Get yours today.



  • Two fully separate input sections for different tones
  • Completely custom preamp based on Jeff’s specifications featuring 3 gain controls
  • 100 or 200w power sections
  • Featuring a 4x tube preamp using 3x ECC83 and 1x ECC81
  • Comes stock with JJ KT88 or Tungsol 6550 power tubes
  • Rear adjustable Drive and Depth controls
  • Switchable output impedance  (2, 4, 8 ohms)
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformer made with M6 grain oriented steel.
  • Fully fused power section (values depend on wattage)
  • Laser engraved front and rear control plate with Newcastle ™ graphics
  • Custom Walnut enclosure build with locally sourced and sustainable products
  • Hand drilled aluminum chassis with welded corners
  • Stitched black leather handles
  • User adjustable bias controls
  • Fully filtered AC input for zero line noise
  • 10.5” high x 23.5” wide x 12” deep