Morrison Bridge

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The Morrison was our first attempt into the wonderful world of amp making. The inspiration at the time were our pedal designs. We needed an amp that we could use as a platform to design pedals. It also had to be a clean amp with minimal breakup but loud enough to drive any cabinet.


Those ideas lead us to create an amp that was “American” sounding with a corresponding EQ section. We balanced that with a bit of “British” sound in the power section for a perfect combination of clean and compression.


And so it was born…the first amp to ever be built by Bridge City Sound. The Morrison.


One setting to highlight is the “Voice” knob. It allows you to shift the entire range of the EQ control. Setting it counter-clockwise results in a more low end focused sound that drives the amp a bit more. Setting clockwise will create a more high mid focused sound that is brighter and drives the amp less overall.


3x 12ax7 1x 12au7/at7

3 band eq with VOICE control

Optional reverb with level control

Dual input for bass or guitar


Power section:

Build to order – 20-400w output

2-4-8-16 ohm output

Rear mounted Depth and Drive control (wattage specific)